Daddy & Me Conversations.


Me & the Sparrow.Worry Me and Sparrow.jpg


After reading a couple devotionals about worry and finding joy in small things, this is the brief conversation I had with God.


God: When will you learn not to worry and trust in me? I take care of the sparrow, which has no soul. Don’t you think I will take care of you?

Me: *Reflecting on a long past eviction.*

Me: Yeah, but birds don’t get eviction notices.

God: That’s because they’re already outside. Would you like to be out there with them? They are made to be outside. You are not. I will take care of you as always. And even when you were outside, I took care of you then.

Me: *Nodding in agreement*

Verses to read and mediate on when you worry.

Matthew 10:29-31.

Matthew 6:25- 27


What verses do you turn to when you worry? Have you been reading any good devotionals? Have you ever heard God say things plainly to you?

Thank you for visiting! See you later!

Ebony/ CoilySue86


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