#HealZone Journal Prompt: Day Three.

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Question: Share a quote, mantra, or affirmation you try to live by.

I have several things that I live by.
1. Everyone deserves respect, even respect from a distance. To me respect is that unconditional love that keeps me close to some people and keeps me away from some people. I may stay away to avoid being hurt and to avoid being hurtful by saying or doing things in retaliation.

2. I treat the janitor the same way I would treat the CEO. I don’t care HOW much money you got. I don’t care if you can hire me and fire me. I don’t care if everyone knows your name. I will not treat you better than I would treat the janitor cleaning the toilets. In fact, how I treat the janitor or anyone in a lower position, is a precursor to how I will treat everyone else.

3. I don’t care if God is male or female, I’m honored that the most high God has made me a woman. I am honored to have been formed into something as beautiful, sexy, powerful, intelligent, resourceful, and as strong as a woman. I understand that throughout history, we women have been and at time still are treated less than human.

But throughout history some of the most oppressed persons have qualities that are often feared but useful and life saving. So, there must be something about myself as a woman and as a black woman that has the world shook. Therefore, I don’t mind making people squirm with discomfort. Apparently, I’m supposed to.

4. I’m not obligated to think like anyone else. This one is a bit easy for me to live by, but I’ve made it hard by not accepting myself as this type. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and I have a hard time caring about how others feel about it. Sometimes, I look at others as if something is wrong with them because they will do stuff I think is silly and/ or unwise, but they think it’s normal because that’s what normal in society. Even things that are supposedly normal in a church setting, I will sometimes find it unwise and probably unnecessary.

Please tell me your quotes, mantras, and affirmations in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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