#HealZone Journal Prompt: Day Five

Prompt: Meditate and journal on your greatest desire. Share your experience.

My greatest desire is sometimes hard to speak about because I have a bit of a superstition that they will be foiled by the enemy if I speak them aloud. Now that I have typed that out, I realize that it shows that I think that my goals won’t be protected by God.
He gave me many dreams, ideas, and talents. I should assume and believe that He will protect me and the dreams He’s given me.

My greatest desire is to become a working and paid actress for TV and film. I want to work on set with friendly, hospitable, approachable, talented actors and actresses. I want to work on a hodge-podge of shows like The Flash, Queen Sugar, This Is Us, Stranger Things, etc.

I want to work in an Ava Duvernay Film.

I want to study with other actors and learn from great coaches.

I want to get fit and correct problems that cause me pain and stiffness.

There is so much I want to do. But my greatest desire is to get back to acting.

Tell Me: What is your greatest desire?



Carol's Daughter