#HealZone Journal Prompt: Day Six.


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Question: What is the most difficult for you when getting out of your comfort zone?

I become of afraid of the obstacles that would deter me. I’m afraid of the opposition of others, including those in my own home and immediate family. I will fear the critique of others because I assume they think like me when I compare myself to other people. I would feel that they are right because the criticism would sound familiar and what’s familiar feels right even when it hurts.

I fear the potential downfall. Not just failing, but all my efforts, accomplishments, creations, my credibility, my home, my family, my income will all be snatched away from me by those who want to see me fall.

My imagination will feed my fears and I get tired just from the thought of what might happen.

I know that’s no way to live, but it’s the truth.

Tell me: What about you?



Carol's Daughter