Love Your Self-Care! *Giveaway!*

My Birthday/ Valentine's Day Giveaway! Hey, there! In seven days I will be celebrating my 31st birthday and my birthday happens to be... you guessed it! It's Valentine's Day! The day for lovers, hearts, smooches, Cupid with his bow and arrow. The day I receive heart shaped birthday cakes, cookies, and cards. Honestly, I've never [...]


Homemade (Drunken) Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub.

Just in time for the winter holiday season! A very easy 7 ingredient recipe to make a homemade, exfoliating, delicious smelling body scrub. YouTube Video This will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, glowing, and moisturized. You can make this for yourself or to give away as a special homemade gift for the holidays. Every [...]